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Room Additions from Framingham, Massachusetts

Bedroom, Room Additions in Framingham, MA

Add the extra space your home needs with affordable room additions from CRM Construction based in Framingham, Massachusetts. Whether you want a relaxing sunroom to unwind in or a complete home makeover, let our remodeling contractor handle the job.

All Types of Additions

Moving to a new home will give you the additional space you want, but moving is expensive. When your home is too cramped for your growing family, save money and call our contractor. We offer all types of room additions to give you the space you need.

The Process

After you call us to handle the job, we handle the entire project from planning to completion. Additionally, we provide all the necessary construction documents, permits, and inspections to get the job done correctly. As an added bonus, CRM Construction works with reliable subcontractors in the area for electrical and plumbing jobs.

Contact us today to request an estimate for a room addition to give your home some much-needed space.